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Wine Storage Solutions

120 Bottle Rustic Wood Wine Rack; Super EASY to assemble! (Made in Oregon) - by G.E. Lumber

 This 120 bottle rack has 8 shelves (15 bottles per shelf) and each shelf holds 2 rows. The first row (bottom row) holds 8 bottles and the 2nd row will hold 7 bottles. Structurally the upright/s isn't one solid piece. Each upright is held together with dowels. The dimensions are : Width = 31 1/4", Depth = 11"; Height = 60" (if you decide to make two racks that hold 60 bottles each, the height would then be 30") If you have any tipping concerns, ask for your free "earthquake strap". Additionally, Don't forget to request an exchange of LARGER (champagne, 1.5 litre) shelves for regular shelves in multiples (set) of two (2), if it's a benefit to you.

Oceanstar 18-Bottle Stackable Bamboo Wine Rack

The Oceanstar 2-Tier Stackable Bamboo Wine Rack is a stylish and fun way to store your wine collection. Made with 100% bamboo, the decorative wine rack is durable and versatile as it can be placed either side by side, stacked on top of each other, or placed separately in different areas. It can hold up to 9 bottles on each tier and is fun and easy to assemble with no hardware or tools necessary. Just interlock the blocks and the wave bars together. The wavy style not only acts as the wine bottle holder but offers an aesthetic design that is pleasing to the eye. It is an elegant wine rack for the home and acts as a great gift for any wine collectors or enthusiasts.

Kamenstein Butterfly Wine Rack - by Kamenstein

This butterfly-shaped wine rack keeps your favorite wine always within reach. Like a miniature wine cellar, the horizontal racks keeps corks moist so wine lasts longer. Separate compartments hold up to 8 of your private selections. The elegant expresso finish will look perfect on any counter or tabletop, and brings a touch of elegance and style to your wine collection. There are 4 pieces that measure : 11 X 6.5 x 0.5, 2 pieces that measure : 7.75 x 6.625 x 0.5, Opening measures: 3.375" - easy for any 3.25" Diameter bottle to fit into.

Seville Classics 40-Bottle Birchwood Wine Rack

This elegant Seville Classics 40-Bottle Birchwood Wine Rack will confidently organize and store your wine collection large and small. This 4-tier stackable unit (requires multiple units) includes adjustable leveling feet, stacking hardware and hardware to confidently secure the rack to the wall (if desired). Each solid Birchwood tier can accommodate 10 bottles of your favorite wine. Measures 10.4" deep by 33" wide by 18.75" high. Easy assembly. It’s ideal for use in one’s kitchen, pantry or wine cellar, and the perfect gift for any wine lover or enthusiast!