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Shower Timers

5 Minute Shower Timer - by Digiventions

This sand timer helps you save money and energy! Simply turn the timer on its suction cup backing to know when five minutes are up. This helps everyone get into the habit of a quicker shower.

Shower Timer - by Showertime

Showertime is a simple, battery operated, 5 minute timer with a blue and red lighting sequence. The lights change from blue to red while showering and flash red during the last 30 seconds. Showertime is more then a timer, it is a convenient reminder to "get out of the shower." One timer will last for approximately 365 showers or 1 year.

Efergy ShowerTime Digital Water Saving Timer - by Efergy

Digital Clock programmable alarm function water resistant suction cup for easy application visual graphic display

5 Minute Shower Coach - by Niagara

As water conservation becomes increasingly essential, this great water-saving device will train you to save water while showering. The Shower CoachTM shower timer times exactly 5 minutes, showing you when it's time to turn the shower off.